Igor Grbić

Igor Grbić

Igor Grbić was born in 1970 in Pula. After he graduated in English and Indology, he started working as a first Croatian lector in New Delhi. He holds a PhD in Theory of literature. He writes both scientific and literary works. He translates from English, Italian, German, French and Hindi. Igor Grbić writes poetry, prose, essays, anthologies, etc. He also writes in English; he is the coauthor of Whispering Muse, an international anthology of young poets. He was translated in Slovenian, Italian, English, German, Hungarian and Latvian. He lives in Pula and works as a Sanskrit professor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.


The book of stories, 2015 (Knjiga priča), short story collection; Istria glagoljušta (2005); Tajna Monkodonje (2007); U doba vremena (2007); Kao da sam (2008); Izlazak u cvijet (2012)


“Kiklop” award for literary-scientific work Istria glagoljušta
“Lapis Histriae” award for the best prose in Shtokavian dialect


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