Mother, taste my song
Mother, taste my song

Print publication year: 2015.
Number of pages: 206
ISBN: 978-953-259-103-3

Zlatko Gall: Mother, taste my song (Majko, kušaj moju pjesmu)

Zlatko Gall’s book Mother, taste my song is uniting in a specific way his two most important light motives: music and gastronomy. It is a collection of gastronomic and musical essays about the songs that are talking about food by an excellent gastronomy and music knower who turns his prose into a material that is both eatable and listenable.

Mother, taste my song is a sharp, skillfully written and melodic book with the great sense for reader’s interest. Author’s openmindness for different impressions of food, music and cookery will motivate the reader for all kinds of reader’s reaction: from cookery experiments enthusiasm or listening to music mentioned in the book to the whole new point of view of this theme where two different kinds of hedonism collide. This book is a real narrative soundtrack not only for the gourmands and music lovers, but to every literary devotee who recognizes good prose and a true commitment to the topic.

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Mother, taste my song
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