Europe Inside Out 2022–2023 is the third installment of highly successful literary translation projects carried out through 2018-2019 and 2020-2021. In the past years, we have explored the issue of alienation and the position of outsiders in literature, all the while asking the question: What does it mean to be visible in literature? This will now be explored even further by observing the literary construction of individual and collective identities in contemporary Europe. All the novels included in the project present different voices and perspectives that show both individual struggles of literary heroes and their inherent roles in different communities (national, cultural, or language-specific), and they offer valuable insight into different societies, as well as in different literary trends and their possibilities.

In collaboration with excellent translators, we will publish and promote 15 contemporary novels by acclaimed and awarded European authors from 15 different countries, and the Croatian readers will have the chance to read 13 of these authors, who tackle various themes and problems of the modern world, for the first time. The novels will be widely distributed to all potential readers of the novels throughout the country, and abroad, offline and online. Alongside extensively promoting and distributing literature from all over Europe (mainly written in lesser-used languages) on different promotional platforms (in the media, on book fairs and festivals, and social networks), we will put a special emphasis on the promotion of our translators, so they could gain even more visibility in Croatia and abroad. Additionally, we will once again promote Croatian contemporary authors on the European market, through the translations of excerpts of their most praised work in the English and German language.