"Europe Inside Out 2020-2021" is a continuation of a highly successful literary translation project carried out through 2018 and 2019. During this time, we dealt with the issue of alienation and the position of outsiders in literature but from radically different perspectives. As a continuation of this endeavor, we will explore themes of voices from the margins, but this time by putting the focus on the question – What does it mean to be visible in fiction? All ten novels in this project give voice to different social issues; from mental illness, grief, LGBTQ issues, ageism, single parenting, etc. During the next 18 months we will explore how these issues are visible in literature and how can they be brought to light through art.

We will publish 10 contemporary novels from 10 languages: Catalan, Flemish (Dutch), Swedish, German, Finnish, Czech, Portuguese, Icelandic, Estonian and English. These award-winning novels will present 9 never before into Croatian translated authors to our readers, in collaboration with excellent literary translators.

Aside from promoting translation from lesser used languages (eight of the ten novels are written in „small“ languages, such as Icelandic, Flemish, Catalan, etc.), with having five of the authors visit Zagreb, all the while implementing an extensive professional digital marketing campaign, our goal is to engage more readers in a cultural dialogue. Croatian authors will also be involved in the project, through the development of a foreign rights catalog, and they will be presented to the European publishing market with translations of excerpts of their most praised work in English.