”Europe Inside Out” is a project of literature promotion which includes publication of ten, award winning, contemporary novels from ten countries: Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Georgia, Finland, Poland, Sweden, Spain and Bulgaria. The novels are thematically linked, and deal with the issue of alienation and the position of outsiders from radically different perspectives. Each novel tells a story from the margins, giving voice to people who do not fit in for various reasons (for example, because they are immigrants, gender discriminated, physically disable, politically or religiously different from the majority).

The title of the project suggests that these perspectives are dual. On one hand, there are outsiders by birth, and on the other, there are those who have become outsiders because of their views and way of life. In the present political and social situation around the world, these issues are more than pressing, and literature is sometimes the best way to help understand different positions and points of view.

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