The saddle is tight for two
The saddle is tight for two

Print publication year: 2015.
Number of pages: 230
ISBN: 978-953-259-107-1

Ivica Ivanišević: The saddle is tight for two (U sedlu je tijesno za dvoje)

This novel, whose story is set in Split in 1969, when the whole world was expecting first human steps on Moon, has all characteristics of an excellent prose – a precise structure, exquisite narrative skill and exceptional authentic description of characters, the charm of typical ivaniševićian humor, and linguistic stratification in which the dialect, foreign languages ​​and standard are unexpectedly intertwined, that contributes to the credibility of the story. It is a story about a seemingly ordinary family, told from the perspective of a young boy Toma. His father is preoccupied with an unexpected and complicated love story that mixed up his life routine, his mother is mesmerized watching TV all day, his older brother is busy with a love affair with a girl from Germany who came for holidays in Split and his grandfather is silent since the World War II; so Toma is all alone with his dilemmas about growing up and unanswered questions, dealing it all by himself. He finally finds his hero in one of the comic books, but even the comic book hero cannot deal with the complicated situation in Toma’s family.

Ivica Ivanišević wrote not just an interesting story about a boy’s love for comic books, but a serious novel about friendship, family and social relations, love, growing up and learning about human flaws. This novel reveals a touching nostalgia for the time when it seemed that one small step for a man, and one giant leap for a mankind was made. From that point and that nostalgia, it seems that mankind took steps far too big since then, leaving behind the “small” man to long for the real values in life that survive only in novels like this one.

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