The book of stories
The book of stories

Print publication year: 2015
Number of pages: 252
ISBN: 978-953-259-097-5

Igor grbić: The book of stories (Knjiga priča)

The book of stories is “the book that talks about telling a story”. Through twenty three imaginative stories, Igor Grbić skillfully reconstructs all the ways in which stories were told and written through history, convincingly shows the development of short story and reproduces discourses of the rich history of narration. The book starts with stories close to oral narration such as myths, legends and fairy tales, but there are also classically structured, realistic stories, and the book is closed by fantasy and stories whose fable, logic and language are dispersed.

Grbić establishes a dialogue with tradition and he uses deconstruction, parody and persiflage. The book of stories is an extraordinary book also because of its motif and thematic richness and amazing creativity, lexical abundance and metaphysic dimension as a basis to everything that the author writes. He juggles the words and makes his prose close to poetry and his book is completely different than anything written and published these days. 

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The book of stories
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