It could be me
It could be me

Print publication year: 2015
Number of pages: 254
ISBN: 978-953-259-109-5

Marina Vujčić: It could be me (Mogla sam to biti ja)

It could be me is Marina Vujčić’s richest and most personal novel. The story is about psychiatrist Laura Herman and her patient who comes to tell her story. But the psychotherapy is more than just therapy, and the characters are not really in the common roles specific for a psychiatry ordination. Beside these two main stories, there are three more, all from Laura’s patients who are subtly described by author. Their lives are intertwined and they form a mosaic of stories about getting over painful experiences.
Adjustment of our own lives to the others’ expectations, unhappiness in a relationship, wrong life choices, facing the loss of partner and difficulties of a fresh start are the main points of this novel. The spectrum of themes in this novel is expanded by psychoanalysis and the verbalization of people’s experiences.
Marina Vujčić is a skillful stylist of an elegant writing and she talks openly and bravely about some serious topics, creating an intimate prose that corresponds with contemporary world and its problems.

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It could be me
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