Print publication year: 2015
Number of pages: 178
ISBN: 978-953-259-088-3

Nataša Skazlić: Bidon

The protagonist of the novel Bidon is a little girl who “comes back” to her homeland after death, to regain consciousness of the key moments of her childhood which was suddenly and rudely interrupted. It gives this novel a strong dose of tension and a detection character – because what is that so terrible that happened, when everything goes so calm, so quiet and normal? An important characteristic of this novel is uniting of the space atmosphere, psychology of the characters and their actions. It shows Istria as it was back in 1970.
Child’s trust is boundless, its confidence in people is untouched by the dilemmas of adulthood and to betray that trust means to make the way for tragedy. What happens to the child victim when her close environment betray her trust, becomes violent and her own family accuses her? It is a painful and delicate topic which is difficult to overcome rationally, there is no manual for such things, but there is this novel – beautiful, touching and moving – created perfectly by Nataša Skazlić.

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