The magnificent Poskoks
The magnificent Poskoks

Print publication year: 2014.
Number of pages: 306
ISBN: 978-953-259-087-6

Ante Tomić: The magnificent Poskoks (Veličanstveni Poskokovi)

The magnificent Poskoks is a story about Tomislav, the head of the Poskok family, who unscrupulously built a tycoon empire and about his not very competent son Zdeslav who, after father’s death has to deal with the collapse of the empire and everything that his father left.

In this novel the author skillfully mixes elements of a thriller, social novel, comedy and a love story. Although simply written, it’s soaked in uniqueness and it transmits so many important messages. Tomić is a very lucid observer and he is mocking bravely the contemporary domestic reality. The novel has dynamic plot that is dizzying and unpredictable.

Undoubtedly, this is the most mature Tomić’s prose that ironizes and reveals the dark side of social reality and predatory mentality, all garnished with sparkling humor and irony. 

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