The Golden Moon
The Golden Moon

Print publication year: 2015.
Number of pages: 358
ISBN: 978-953-259-095-1

Larí Marí: The Golden Moon (Zlatni Mjesec)

The Golden Moon is the second Larí Marí’s novel from the cycle “healing prose”. This novel’s story is about mute girl Luna and a young man named Kiron who finds out that Luna lives in very frightening circumstances and a family environment where she is doomed to neglect, abuse and psychological traumas that threaten to leave a deep mark in her awareness and prevent her normal psychological development. Since he was left in an orphanage as a child, he constantly brakes between the need to save her from an environment like that and the belief that is better to have any family than no family at all (which he experienced himself). While worrying about Luna’s destiny, he will meet his own family members who betrayed him long time ago, and the reader will meet a lot of powerfully psychologically characterized personalities whose actions and biographies will clear all the sad circumstances of Luna’s and Kiron’s painful experiences.
After hitting the rock bottom, there is a light in the end of tunnel which shows the path to healing and detaching with the bitter past. The mysterious world where the authors take the reader is much more than just a prose – it is also a deep psychoanalysis and a tense psychological thriller. Written by 4 hands, based on their everyday therapist praxis, this novel is yet another prove to their authors’ maturity and skill. 

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The Golden Moon
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