Print publication year: 2015.
Number of pages: 300
ISBN: 978-953-259-101-9

Tena Štivčić: Invisible (Nevidljivi)

The book Invisible contains three plays: Fireflies (Krijesnice), Seven Days in Zagreb (Sedam dana u Zagrebu) and Invisible (Nevidljivi).
Fireflies are play about tiredness, loneliness and captivation in so-called freedom. The plot takes place the airport which, although seemingly implies unrestricted freedom of movement, becomes a place of limitation and strict control - but also "smaller version" of the transitional space and time, in which the protagonists are caught unprepared. They are people forced to wait for they flight, caught between real life and their own ideas about better reality that didn’t happen to them but they still have the opportunity to guess about it, even lie about it in the airport waiting room. Confinement in this unplanned situation gives them a chance to stop by the usual dynamics of life and face their own emptiness and alienation.
Seven Days in Zagreb is problematizing the motifs of transition, new identities of contemporary reality and different protagonists’ reactions to changes. In the world where is required to have tons of qualifications and to fill a lot of forms just to adopt a dog, while everyone is allowed to have a child, five protagonists are getting rebellious and they are convincingly representing their point of views.
The protagonists of the play Invisible are the group of migrants and a British man, whose lives are intertwined. They were longing for better life and a perspective, but somehow they ended up forgotten, painfully invisible and trapped in mechanisms of bureaucracy and social conventions, faced with indifference and lack of empathy for foreigners.
Seemingly open world with no boundaries that is tolerant and accepts diversity turns out to be a prison for Tena Štivčić’s heroes, a trap of hypocrisy where not even the illusion of the preferred reality is guaranteed. 

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