Entrance for children and soldiers
Entrance for children and soldiers

Print publication year: 2015-
Number of pages: 146
ISBN: 978-953-259-092-0

Ivica Ivanišević: Entrance for children and soldiers (Ulaz za djecu i vojnike)

Entrance for children and soldiers  is a collection of 26 stories in which Ivica Ivanišević, scene by scene, pictures a “comic book” about Dalmatia as he remembers it from his childhood and Dalmatia as it is today. The author brings us the specific mentality and character of that area, form the perspective of the observer who is also the protagonist and commentator of the collective comedy of “scenes from dark life”.                                                   

This book also contains a tribute to transience and always present southern humor and the poetics of nostalgia for the simplicity of childhood and an inventory of personal and collective memories, as well as an entire archive of defiance that turns into philosophy of life that is possible only in this spiritual landscape and only in these geographical coordinates. Time is irrelevant in his prose – what happened yesterday still lives in the memories, and what is actual today could have been yesterday and could be tomorrow – because in authors mind, as well as in readers’, it is always live and actual. 

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